Mimaropa 76x55x50cm


Make use of Vivo Bonito, our new shipping service.

The price of this shipment is all-inclusive (maximum 25 kilos)

  • Box
  • Tape
  • Post NL & LBC Shipping costs

Benefits of vivo bonito

  • 365 days a year
  • Drop off at Post NL when it suits you
  • Save per box in combination with your favorite toko products
  • Shipping to all regions


Mimaropa Vivo Bonito Service

At Phil. 4 You easily ship Balik Bayan boxes to Mimaropa. Max 60 kilo

Benefits of the door-to-door service

✔ Pick up at your address
✔ Best price/weight ratio
✔ Shipping in bulk
✔ Shipping with different shapes and sizes
✔ Shipping to all regions

How to order

Select the month of shipment, the size, and the number of boxes you want to send. Add your choice to the shopping cart and fill in your details at checkout to complete your order. Optionally, you can also order empty boxes during the checkout, which you will receive within two working days.

Contact us

Please contact us if you want to send more than three boxes or items of different shapes and sizes.

The delivery process

Prepare for collection

You will receive information and documents from us that are necessary for safe and fast handling at the customs in the Philippines. Feel free to contact us if you would like advice from us in preparing your balikbayan boxes and documents for collection.

Pick up schedule

We will schedule a collection time at an address specified by you to collect your filled boxes and completed documents. You will be informed in time about the exact pick-up schedule.

Transport by container ship

Your boxes will be placed in a container where they will embark on a two to three-month journey on a container ship to the port of Manila. There LBC Express will further distribute your boxes to your destination address.

Shipping and Estimated Arrival

The estimated arrival times are an indication. Circumstances may affect the delivery time.

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