Balik Bayan Door to Door Service
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Our airfreight service is among the fastest Balikbayan services currently available. Your box will arrive within 2 weeks after being received at our LBC Hub in Milan. This is ideal for important and lightweight packages that require swift delivery.


Take control of your schedule: send the box at the time that suits you best.

Sending from a DPD Service Point is free of charge. Our prices are all-inclusive, so no unexpected costs afterwards.


✔ Official partner of LBC
✔ Delivery within 2 weeks via air freight
✔ Delivery to all regions with Track & Trace
✔ Boxes insured
✔ Send at your convenience
✔ Combine with your Toko 4 All order
✔ Excellent customer service
✔ Active since 2001

Vivo Bonito & Toko 4 All

As an additional service, we can deliver your Toko 4 All order without shipping costs when ordering a Vivo Bonito box. Place your Toko 4 All order. We will send your order, and you can fill the box again with products for your family in the Philippines. On our Toko 4 All website, you can choose from over +1400 products. There is definitely something for you.

Balik Bayan Door to Door Service
Powered by LBC Express
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