General Conditions

Phil. 4 You, located and operating at Linnewever 12 in The Hague, is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under the trade name My Little Philippines V.O.F. with registration number 71333649. Phil. 4 You conducts its activities exclusively in accordance with these terms and conditions unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. The trade name Phil. 4 You may not be used without explicit written permission.

Article 1: General Conditions
1.1 These general conditions apply to all services provided by Phil. 4 You, as well as to all legal relationships between Phil. 4 You and the customer.
1.2 Packing lists must be completed in English, fully, and truthfully. Phil. 4 You reserves the right, but not the obligation, to conduct random checks on the declared contents of the box.
1.3 The customer is aware that Phil. 4 You cannot be held liable if goods are packed in the box that are subject to import or export prohibitions or restrictive regulations.
1.4 The packing list is strictly personal, and the customer acknowledges that the packing list has been filled in by himself/herself or by Phil. 4 You in consultation with the customer. The customer acknowledges that he is the legal owner of the goods packed for transport and agrees to Phil. 4 You’s general terms and conditions.
1.5 Phil. 4 You and LBC Express have a lien on all shipped goods. LBC Express, on behalf of Phil. 4 You, is entitled to hand over the goods only after all payments, including any customs duties and other charges, have been paid. If the customer cannot meet his payment obligations, LBC Express is entitled to sell the goods by auction, as mentioned in Article 8.4. The customer will be notified of this in writing.

Article 2: Transport Conditions
2.1 Transport will only take place in the Balik Bayan boxes provided by Phil. 4 You, unless otherwise agreed. These boxes are part of the Vivo Bonito Service and have dimensions of approximately 55 x 50 x 38 cm. Phil. 4 You will deliver the boxes on order. The prices, as mentioned on the website, are all-inclusive. Any other offered boxes are not covered by these transport conditions set by Phil. 4 You and are therefore not insured unless otherwise agreed.
2.2 The boxes must be completely wrapped with high-quality tape. Gray duct tape is strongly discouraged due to the heat at the destination. Boxes or packages that deviate from the external dimensions of approximately 55 x 50 x 38 cm cannot be shipped unless agreed otherwise.
2.3 Different conditions apply to Air Cargo packages. These can be requested from our office.
2.4 All boxes shipped with Phil. 4 You have a weight limitation.

  • Vivo Bonito box (approximately 55 x 50 x 38 cm): 25 kilograms
  • Air Cargo 5 kilograms, 10 kilograms, and 22 kilograms (depending on the size)


Boxes heavier than the recommended weight are excluded from insurance, and any offers are not applicable in this case. Moreover, there is a high chance that our shipping partner will charge extra costs. These costs will be passed on to the customer. In that case, customers should expect a surcharge of approximately €75,- excluding VAT.


Article 3: Prices
3.1 Transport prices are determined according to the quotation and are all-inclusive.
3.2 All costs, except for any import duties, are included in the transport prices mentioned on the Phil. 4 You website.
3.3 If the sender ships goods for which import duties are due, an additional amount is payable by the sender. An overview of these costs is available upon request from Phil. 4 You.
3.4 The customer must pay the transport costs of the shipment via the bank or in cash at our office. When ordering on the website, the customer receives a confirmation email. This email contains the invoice for the ordered service. In the case of cash payment, the customer receives a proof of payment. This receipt must be kept because without this proof of shipment, no damage claims will be processed.
3.5 All prices and information on the website are subject to errors and changes.

Article 4: Carrier’s Obligations
4.1 Phil. 4 You will take care of the transport with care and attention and does this in collaboration with LBC Express.
4.2 Phil. 4 You will arrange transport in collaboration with LBC Express and deliver it to the address indicated on the box and packing list, except in circumstances such as strikes, force majeure, riots, armed conflicts, and other threatening situations that make it impossible to deliver the box to the specified place.
4.3 Phil. 4 You guarantees that all personal data provided to Phil. 4 You regarding transport will only be provided to LBC Express and not to other parties to ensure the customer’s privacy.
4.4 Phil. 4 You guarantees that every effort will be made to deliver the boxes in good condition to the specified address in the Philippines, except for the problems that may occur as mentioned in Article 4.2. If Phil. 4 You fails to do so, the customer is entitled to compensation as mentioned in Article six.
4.5 Phil. 4 You ensures that the customer receives a valid shipping label; the boxes with this label must be submitted to a DPD service point. There are no additional costs for this, provided that the maximum weight of 25 kilograms and the general shipping conditions are met.
4.6 From the moment the boxes are handed over to our LBC partner, the additional conditions of LBC apply. These are stated in Article 8.

Article 5: Sender’s Obligations
5.1 The sender will only offer well-packed boxes for transport, as mentioned in Article 2.
5.2 The sender must submit the boxes to a DPD service point according to the instructions provided by Phil. 4 You.
5.3 The sender must fill out the LBC forms truthfully in English.
5.4 The sender is obliged to contact Phil. 4 You in case of any complaints after receipt in the Philippines, within 30 days of receipt. Complaints after this period will no longer be processed.

Article 6: Damage Claims
6.1 Compensation for total loss of the box with contents is limited to €100 per box. The costs of packaging and transport are excluded from this. Total loss of a box due to natural disasters is excluded from insurance.
6.2 Damage claims must be submitted in writing and only apply to boxes that meet the specified requirements as mentioned in 2.1, 2.2, and 2.4.
6.3 Computers, electronics, and fragile goods are not eligible for compensation; the shipment of these items is entirely at the customer’s risk.
6.4 Proof of purchase must be provided for all goods. If this is not available, a fair market value will be estimated and paid.
6.5 For goods with emotional value, it is advised not to send them, as their value can be invaluable and may cause problems. If the customer still sends them, the fair market value applies here as well.
6.6 Only goods listed on the packing list will be reimbursed.
6.7 Import customs formalities and declared costs or incorrectly declared goods are the responsibility of the sender.

Article 7: Excluded Goods for Transport
7.1 Phil. 4 You does not allow the following goods for transport: ammunition, firearms, explosives, flammable materials, precious metals, liquids, drugs, perishable goods, obscene or pornographic material, diamonds, cash currency, property or material that can be considered hazardous material, and goods the transport of which is prohibited by law.

Article 8: Additional LBC Conditions
8.1 LBC’s liability for loss, damage, or delay is as follows:

  • For lost or damaged shipments WITHOUT DECLARED VALUE, liability is limited to the refund of freight costs, regardless of the actual content of the package.
  • For lost or damaged shipments WITH DECLARED VALUE, liability is limited to the value as stated on the official receipt, regardless of the actual/declared content of the package, and refund of freight costs.
  • For delivery delays, liability is limited to the refund of freight costs.


8.2 LBC accepts no liability for loss, damage, or delay due to force majeure, government actions, or a breach of this contract by the sender. LBC is not responsible for moral and exemplary damages, as well as consequential damages unless the amount of foreseeable consequential damages has been indicated during acceptance, and higher freight costs have been paid.

8.3 The sender guarantees the following: (a) All provided information is truthful and accurate, especially the names and addresses of both the sender and the recipient, as well as the stated content and value of the shipment. (b) The shipment does not contain hazardous or prohibited items, such as explosives, flammable substances, firearms and parts, ammunition, illegal drugs, live animals, and all other items prohibited by law or common carriers, or requiring a government permit for transport. (c) The recipient or a person of sufficient age and discretion will be present at the specified address to receive the shipment on the agreed day of delivery, and the shipment can be released to the latter in the absence of the recipient.

8.4 The sender agrees to check and verify the status of his shipment at any LBC branch, customer service hotline, or within five (5) days after the acceptance date of the status posted in the Track and Trace on the mentioned LBC website. If undelivered, the status posted in the Track and Trace on the mentioned LBC website is deemed sufficient notice to the sender. The sender must pick up his shipment within thirty (30) days after acceptance; otherwise, LBC will handle it appropriately and apply the proceeds, if any, for storage costs from the date of non-delivery notification until pickup or handling.

8.5 In case of non-delivery to the original recipient, delivery to a new address or return to the sender, as requested by the sender, is considered a completely new transaction, to which the corresponding freight costs apply.

8.6 LBC may open and inspect the shipment for acceptance in the presence of the sender or an authorized representative to ensure that the shipment does not contain hazardous or prohibited content. LBC reserves the right to refuse acceptance if, at its discretion, it would be in violation of its policy and relevant laws.

8.7 The recipient or a person of sufficient age and discretion must check the shipment upon receipt; the shipment is deemed to have been delivered and received in good condition and state in the absence of complaints or immediately reported damage to LBC.

General terms and conditions have been revised on 13-01-2024.