General Conditions

Phil. 4 You, established and maintaining its office at the Linnewever 12, Wateringen is registered with the chamber of commerce under the trading My Little Philippines V.O.F. with number 71333649. Phil. 4 You will conduct its business exclusively in accordance with these terms and conditions unless agreed otherwise in writing. The trade name Phil. 4 You in should not be used without express written permission.

Article 1: General
1.1 These general conditions are applicable to all services offered by Phil. 4 You and all legal relationships between the customer and Phil. 4 You.
1.2 The packing-lists need to be completed in English, completely and in accordance with the truth. Phil. 4 You retains the right to make routine spot checks to verify the contents of the box.
1.3 The customer is aware of the fact that Phil. 4 You shall not be held liable for goods shipped in the box, subject to either in- / export prohibitions or restrictions.
1.4 The packing list is strictly personal and the customer acknowledges that the packing slip was filled in by him / herself or was filled by Phil. 4 You in consultation with the customer. The customer acknowledges that the he/she is the legal owner of the goods packed for transport and that he/she agrees to the terms and conditions of Phil. 4 You.
1.5 Phil. 4 You reserves the right, but not the obligation, to routinely check boxes on content.
1.6 Phil. 4 You has the lien on all shipped goods. Phil. 4 You is entitled to deliver the goods only after all payments, including any customs charges and other charges, have been paid. If the customer fails to meet his/her payment obligations, Phil. 4 You is entitled to sell the goods by auction. The customer shall be informed about this.

Article 2: Shipping Conditions
2.1 The shipping will take place with Balik Bayan boxes supplied by Phil. 4 You unless otherwise agreed. These boxes have the dimensions of
approx. 55 x 50 x 38 cm, approx 70 x 44 x 58 cm, approx 76 x 55 x 50 cm. Phil. 4 You will deliver the ordered boxes for which a deposit is due of
€ 10, – per box. The customer pays delivery costs for boxes that are sent by mail. Any other boxes that were not offered by Phil. 4 You are
not covered by our delivery conditions and therefore not insured unless otherwise agreed.
2.2 The boxes for shipment must be properly sealed with tape of good quality. Gray duct tape is highly discouraged because of the heat at the destination. Boxes that deviate from the outer dimensions of approx. 55 x 50 x 38 cm, approx 70 x 44 x 58 cm, approx 76 x 55 x 50 cm and overweight will not be accepted, unless otherwise agreed.
2.3 Boxes are to be ready for pick up at the most convenient spot, i.e. at the ground floor in case of multiple floors, clearly marked with the address of the sender and recipient. If you are unable to do this, this can be waived in consultation.
2.4 All boxes collected by Phil. 4 You have no weight limitations, though Phil. 4 You advices a maximum weight for our boxes.
– Medium size box (approx. 55 x 50 x 38 cm) *25 kilo*
– Standard size box (approx. 70 x 44 x 58 cm) *50 kilo*
– Large size box (approx. 76 x 55 x 50 cm) *60 kilo*
Boxes heavier than the advised weight are excluded from insurance and special promo prices.

Article 3: Prices
3.1 The shipping fees are established in accordance with the quotation.
3.2 All charges with the exception of import duties are included in the shipping fees as stated in the Phil. 4 You website.
3.3 In case the sender sends goods for which import duties are due, the sender will be charged for an additional amount. A summary of these costs is available on request.
3.4 The customer will settle with the Phil. 4 You driver the shipping fees in euro’s on the spot or via bank. The driver will supply a receipt as proof of payment if asked by customer. This receipt needs to be kept as proof of shipment, without this receipt damage claims can not be accepted.
3.5 All prices and information on the website are subject to errors and changes.

Article 4: Obligations of Carrier
4.1 Phil. 4 You will handle the shipment with the utmost care and attention.
4.2 Phil. 4 You will pick up and deliver the boxes at the address written on the box and shipping documents, except if due to strikes, acts of god, armed conflicts or other threatening situations, delivery at the address listed is not made possible.
4.3 Phil. 4 You guarantees that all personal data supplied to Phil. 4 You in connection with this shipment will not be supplied to third
parties in order to safeguard the privacy of the customer.
4.4 Phil. 4 You will endeavor to advise the customer 2 workdays prior to collection of the date and approximate time when the boxes will be collected. In cases of insufficient reservations or cancellations Phil 4 You reserves the right to move a shipment to a later specified day and time.
4.5 Phil. 4 You guarantees it will do its utmost to deliver the boxes in a good condition and at the address in the Philippines as indicated, except in the case of the problems as mentioned in article 4.2. In the event Phil. 4 You fails to deliver, the customer is entitled to compensation as mentioned in article 6

Article 5: Obligations of the Sender
5.1 The sender will offer for transportation properly packed boxes only.
5.2 Sender will mail completed Transport Conditions to the Phil. 4 You office address, Linnewever 12, 2292 JH Wateringen, one weeks before the shipment.
5.3 The sender will order the boxes needed for the shipment in a timely manner, for which a deposit of € 10, – for each box is due. This amount will be deducted from the shipment fees.
5.4 In case of complaints or claims, sender is obligated to contact Phil. 4 You within 30 days after receipt of the box in the Philippines. Complaints after that date will no longer be accepted.
5.5 Sender and/or a third party will be present at the agreed date to hand over the box/boxes. In case of cancellation within the last week of shipment, there will be a charge for the expenses made for reservation.
5.6 In case box/boxes have been collected prior to date set for collection, these will be stored at your own risk.

Article 6: Damage Claims
6.1 Damage claims in case of total loss of the contents of the box are limited to € 100. – a box. The costs of packing and transportation are excluded. Complete loss of a box as a result of a cataclysm are excluded from insurance.
6.2 Damage claims are to be filed in writing and apply only on boxes that meet the requirements as specified in 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.4.
6.3 Computers, electronics and breakable items are not considered for a damage claim. Shipment is entirely at the risk of the sender.
6.4 For all goods a purchase slip needs to be shown. If it is not available, the day value will be estimated and paid.
6.5 We advise not to ship goods with an emotional value, as the value is priceless and will create disputes. If the customer ships such item, the day value applies in this case too.
6.6 Only items listed on the detailed packing list will be compensated.
6.7 Import customs formalities and costs declared or incorrectly declared goods are for the account of the sender.

Article 7: Goods excluded from transport
7.1 Phil. 4 You does not accept the following articles for transport: Ammunition, firearms, explosives, flammable materials, precious metals,
liquid, drugs, perishable goods, obscene or pornographic material, diamonds, currency cash, property or materials that may be considered
dangerous material and dangerous goods and of which transport is prohibited by law.