Phil 4 You is the smart and safe choice for your balikbayan boxes. Since 2001 we have been the trusted balikbayan partner sending gifts and goods back home in the Philippines. Together with LBC we ensure that sending Balik Bayan boxes will be a pleasant experience

LBC is the Philippine market leader in payments and money transfers, documents and mail, parcels and boxes, and freight and logistics. With a growing network of more than 6,400 locations, partners and agents in more than 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses and communities and bringing smiles worldwide.

Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air freight agent, LBC pioneered express and freight forwarding and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. Today, it is the Global Filipino’s most trusted courier, freight, logistics and money transfer service provider.

You can always follow the packages with a track and trace number provided by us.

With the track N trace number you can trace your package on the LBC Express website.

Click on the link and fill in your TN no at the top of the screen at Track your  Padala, it looks like this for example 0916905001 You will now see the entire status of your package.

If this does not work, please contact us.

A track & trace number is a unique number linked to the box that you send. This number can be found on your transport contract, packing list, and label. This number is unique per box and per shipment and can therefore only be used for the shipment for which the box has been reserved.

You can order 2 size boxes via our website.

Medium size approx. 55 x 50 x 38 cm (96 litres)

Large format approx. 76 x 55 x 50 cm (209 litres)

If you still have boxes in stock of our old format, you can also simply send them through us.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

rowena@phil4you.nl or by phone 0174-270656/06-51898773

You can order a box via our site, together with a reservation. The process works like a webshop. When ordering and booking you can choose from the Air Cargo Service, Vivo Bonito Service, Classis Door To Door Service. If you click on one of the services you can choose to which region and the amount of boxes you want to send along with the period when you want to send.

You do not need to register on our site, in this case you just place your order and fill in the details. These are then not stored in an online customer database. The advantage of your registration is that you can always review your order and do not have to enter your details again the next time.

Yes, the boxes will be collected from your home. We collect the boxes during the predetermined collection weekends. Check the overview of shipments to see when we will collect your boxes.

Your boxes will be collected on the weekend of the collection. One or two days before the collection you will be informed of the day and part of the day that we will collect the boxes. During the collection we will call you when we are on the way with a more accurate arrival time. So always make sure that we have a telephone number where we can reach you.

You fold the box with the short parts first and then the long parts tightly against each other. Then tape tightly with preferably transparent tape, otherwise possibly brown tape, but do not use gray duct tape in connection with the release due to the heat in the Philippines.

Evenly distribute the articles in the box and wrap all fragile articles with newspaper or paper and preferably wrap with plastic bubble wrap. It is best to pack bottles with liquid in sealed bags to reduce the risk of leaks and damage to clothing or other items. Fill the box as much as possible with soft items such as clothes, towels and sheets.

The medium boxes have a maximum weight of 25 kilos and the large boxes a maximum weight of 60 kilos. Boxes that are heavier than the recommended weight are not insured, and a surcharge may be charged for boxes that are too heavy.

Are your boxes upstairs or in the attic? We request our customers to place the boxes on the ground floor when the boxes are collected. If this is a problem, we would like to hear from you in advance. We recommend packing the boxes on the ground floor. This prevents damage to the contents of the box and possible damage to walls in stairwells. Phil. 4 You is not liable for any damage caused by lowering boxes from another floor.

Phil. 4 You would like to provide the best service to our customers. To guarantee this, we have a recommended weight. If you stick to the weight, we can guarantee that your boxes will be handled with care and that any damage during transport will be limited. What many customers do not realize is that the boxes have to be loaded and unloaded several times before they reach their destination. If the boxes have a normal weight, this is no problem. If the boxes are very heavy, damage can occur during transshipment or unloading.

Advice weights:
Large: Max 60 kilos
Medium: Max 30
Vivo Bonito: Max 20 or 25 Kilo (Depending on what you ordered)

If you are unexpectedly unable to be home when we come to collect your box or boxes, there is always a solution. Try asking an acquaintance or family member to hand over the box for you. You can also have the box picked up at a different address. In the event of such problems, always contact us, we will look for a suitable solution together with you.

After registration you will receive the documents from us with the full details or by email. The documents consist of:

  • Transport Contract
  • LBC Packing List
  • Address label for the box
  • Return sticker (Only with the Vivo Bonito Service)

We want to receive the signed transport contract no later than 1 week before the collection. The Packing List must be completed truthfully in English and signed on the front and back. The packing list is in triplicate, the back blue page is your own copy. The other 2 pages must be signed and given to the driver during the collection. You should keep the blue copy in a safe place, your track n trace number is also stated on it at the top left.

You must use a separate packing list and label for each box. Each box also has its own Track & Trace number. This number is linked to your packing list. Check carefully whether the packing list is unique per box and whether the label has the same number as on the packing list.

No, you cannot use old documents. The documents you receive have a unique code. This changes every time per shipment. You will always receive documents from us that are intended for a specific shipment. If a shipment is canceled at the last minute, you will receive new documents from us for your next shipment. This with the exception of the LBC Packing List. This is not bound to a shipment but can only be used once. You should always discuss this with us.

As a customer of Phil. 4 You can place an order on our toko website and have it delivered without delivery costs and restrictions when we come to collect the boxes from you. In this case, you can also order frozen or fresh products from our toko. Would you like to make use of this extra service? Visit our toko4all.nl website and place your order. Make sure to use a discount code at checkout so you don’t have to pay delivery costs. To prevent misuse and distribution on the internet, the code changes every month. If you want to make use of this, please contact us. We will then ensure that you receive the code and that we can deliver your toko order to your home during the collection weekend.