Phil 4 You is the smart and secure choice for your balikbayan boxes. Since 2001, we have been the trusted partner for sending gifts and goods back home to the Philippines. In collaboration with LBC, we ensure that sending Balik Bayan boxes becomes a pleasant experience.

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in payments, money transfers, documents, mail, parcels, boxes, freight, and logistics. With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in more than 30 countries, LBC aims to connect lives, businesses, and communities globally and bring smiles.

Originally established in 1945 as a broker and air cargo agent, LBC pioneered express delivery and freight transport, offering 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. Today, LBC is the most reliable courier, freight, logistics, and money transfer service provider for the Global Filipino.

You can always track your packages with the provided track-and-trace number.

Using the track-and-trace number, you can trace your package on the LBC Express website.

Click on the link and enter your TN number at the top of the screen where it says Track your Padala, for example, 0916905001. You will now see the complete status of your package.

If this doesn’t work, please contact us.

A track & trace number is a unique number linked to the box you are sending. This number is on your packing list and label. This number is unique to each box and each shipment and can only be used for the shipment for which the box is reserved.

For our Vivo Bonito service, we use a box with dimensions of approximately 50 x 38 x 55 cm (96 liters).

For our air cargo service, we have 3 different sizes:

– Approximately 37x28x20 cm (5 kilos)
– Approximately 49x33x26.5 cm (10 kilos)
– Approximately 50 x 38 x 55 cm (22 kilos)

You can also use a box with a different size. In that case, please contact us at rowena@phil4you.nl or by phone at 0174-270656 / 06-51898773.

When you make a reservation, it’s all-inclusive, covering the costs of the box and shipping. The process operates similarly to an online shop. When placing an order and making a reservation, you can choose between the Vivo Bonito Service and the Air Cargo Service. For the Air Cargo Service, we work with custom quotes tailored to your needs.

You don’t need to register on our site. In this case, you simply place your order and fill in the necessary details. These details are not stored in an online customer database. The advantage of registration is that you can always review your order, and the next time, you won’t need to re-enter your information.

No, since October 2023, we no longer pick up boxes. The Vivo Bonito boxes can only be sent by mail. These boxes may weigh a maximum of 25 kilograms and can be dropped off at a DPD service point. You will receive a label from us for the box, and this is included in the price. The box will be sent directly to our LBC Hub in Milan.

Once you have the box ready, you can send it whenever you want. Let us know when you plan to do so, and you will receive a label for the box. DPD service points can also be found on our website.

Fold the box by closing the short sides first and then the long sides tightly together. Seal the box securely with preferably transparent tape; avoid using gray duct tape due to its tendency to peel off in the heat of the Philippines.

Organize the items in the box and wrap all fragile items with newspapers or paper. Use plastic bubble wrap for additional protection whenever possible. Package liquid bottles in sealed bags to prevent leaks. Fill the box as much as possible with soft items such as clothing, towels, and sheets.

Note that Vivo Bonito boxes have a maximum weight limit of 25 kilograms. Double-check the weight before submitting the box. If the box exceeds the weight limit, there may be an additional charge for overweight boxes.

Phil. 4 You strives to provide the best service to our customers. To ensure this service, we have set a maximum weight limit for the boxes. If you adhere to this weight, we can guarantee that your boxes will be handled with care, minimizing any potential damage during transportation.

Additionally, we have an agreement with our shipping partner that the maximum weight allowed is 25 kilograms. Exceeding this weight may result in a significant penalty, so it is essential to be mindful of this limit.

When you have ordered a box, we will send it to you with or without Toko 4 All items. If you are not at home, DPD will make a second delivery attempt or take the package to a service point near you. You can track the delivery status using the package’s track & trace.

After registering with the complete details, you will receive the necessary documents from us. These documents include:

  • LBC forms
  • 2 Security seals
  • Address label for the box
  • 1 roll of tape per box


Security seal: Pay close attention to what is written on it and inform your recipient accordingly. You, as the sender, must sign these (2) stickers, indicating the date. Do not stick these stickers on the box; instead, place them back in the show folder where you took them from. We will attach the stickers above and below in the middle of the box.

Packing list (LBC): Fill in only the left side of the form; this is relevant for you. Write in block letters if possible, ensuring everything is legible in English. Don’t forget to mention the total value and sign the form. Sign the back of each sheet as well.

For each box, a separate packing list and label must be used. Each box also has its own Track & Trace number. Check carefully whether the packing list is unique for each box and whether the label has the same number as on the packing list.

No, you cannot use old documents. The documents, including the LBC form and the address label, contain a unique code that changes with each shipment. You will always receive labels from us that are specific to a particular shipment. If a shipment is canceled at the last moment, you will receive a new label from us for your next shipment. However, this does not apply to the LBC packing list, which is not tied to a specific shipment but can only be used once. Always contact us for clarification.

As a Phil. 4 You customer, you can take advantage of our special double option. Order a Vivo Bonito box from Phil. 4 You and indicate that you want to use the Toko 4 All service. Place your order on the website using the provided discount code, and the shipment of your Toko 4 All order is free. However, in case of box cancellation, we will charge €25 for administration fees.