Packing Tips

Before packing, it is important that you understand the route of the box before it arrives at the address in the Philippines

After we have collected the box, it will be transported to LBC. There the boxes are received and loaded from the pallets into the container. Once arrived in the Philippines, the boxes are unloaded at the main depot and distributed per region. The boxes are then loaded and distributed to a depot in a region. In some cases, the boxes may have to be distributed to a local depot, before they can be extradited.

As you will understand, the boxes are often lifted, perhaps tilted and moved. It is therefore very important that you pack the boxes properly to prevent damage and breakage.

You fold the box with the short parts first and then the long parts tightly against each other. Then tape tightly with preferably transparent tape, otherwise possibly brown tape, but do not use gray duct tape in connection with the release due to the heat in the Philippines.


  • Tape the boxes all the way in with transparent tape to prevent moisture from standing during transport.
  • Wrap all fragile items in plastic bubble wrap.
  • Packaging products with liquid in bags
  • Use loose clothing to fill the box, especially on the bottom side and top.
  • The Vivo Bonito boxes have a maximum weight of 25 kilos.
  • If you send to relatives for different people, put a name on the items for whom it is intended.

To complete the box, also tape the box completely shut at the top. You have received a label from us with the address details. These labels are unique to each box so each box must have a different tracking number. Stick the label on the side of the box and make sure it is completely covered with transparent tape so that it cannot tear. On the box there is also space for a greeting to your family, this is very nice for the recipient so take advantage of this.