How to order?

Step 1.

What do you want to order?
You can order boxes that you need for transport to the Philippines on our website.

Click on Order & Reserve in the menu

You have three options:

  • Vivo Bonito Service 365 days a year
  • Classic Balik Bayan Service
  • Air Cargo Service

Click on the box of your choice. You can now directly reserve the shipment.

Step 2.

Reserve a shipment completely

You choose the region in the Philippines you want to ship to by clicking the select options button. Choose the month and the number of boxes and click on add to cart

Step 3.

Enter data and create an account

Click on the shopping cart in the top right corner and choose view cart or checkout.

If you choose view shopping cart, you will receive an overview of your order. If agreed click on proceed to checkout

Fill in contact details

Do you already have an account with us? Then log in at the top of the page. Don’t have an account yet? Then proceed with filling in the data.

1. Fill in the sender’s details on the left. This is you. This is the address to which we send the empty boxes and where we collect the full boxes for shipment.

Do you want an account? Then tick [Create account?]. A field will appear where you can enter a password. With an account you can always view your reservations and you do not have to fill in the address details again next time.

2. On the right, fill in the details of the recipient in the Philippines. Do this as completely as possible, including the telephone numbers. In the additional address data field you can enter important address data.

Step 4.

Complete order and make payment

Below your details is an overview of your order. Here you can indicate whether you will pick up the empty boxes yourself or whether they should be sent to your address. It is also possible that you have already received boxes during a previous shipment. Then choose the option [Don’t send me a box with my reservation]. In this case you complete the reservation.

The shipping costs are € 7.95. During the collection we can give you new boxes (€10 per box) – so you save the shipping costs for the next time.

Choose your payment method now. You can choose between direct bank transfer and iDEAL. You then agree to our terms and conditions. Now click on [Place order and pay].

Your order has been placed and you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Please check this information carefully!

If you want to make changes to this, please contact us.