About us

Phil. 4 You Balik Bayan Services

Balikbayan partner since 2001

Phil 4 You is the smart and secure choice for your balikbayan boxes. We are a trusted balikbayan partner since 2001, delivering gifts and goods back home to the Philippines for almost two decades.

For a long time we have been the only agent of LBC Express here in the Netherlands. LBC Express has an extensive network in the Philippines and provides international transport by land, sea and air. This gives you a complete range of shipping methods to choose from.

Our Delivery Services

Air Cargo Service

Our Air Cargo service is the fastest balikbayan service in the market. Your boxes are delivered to your loved ones within just two weeks after pick up. The perfect solution if you have fragile or high-value lightweight cargo, or if you’re sending boxes with urgency.

Vivo Bonito Service

Take control of your own agenda with our Vivo Bonito service. You don’t have to wait for our pick up schedule. Drop off your boxes at your local Post NL or let DHL pick them up any day that suits you. This is free of charge. It is possible to combine this with a toko order from our webshop www.toko4all.nl. This service suits you best if you want to reduce your shipping costs and perhaps do some online grocery shopping along the way.

Door-To-Door Service

The balikbayan door-to-door service is our most recognizable service. Enjoy the comfort of having your balikbayan boxes picked up at your home address and transported cheaply to loved ones in the Philippines. This service is perfect for you if you’re shipping larger and heavier quantities of gifts and goods.