Air Cargo Service

Phil 4 You is the balikbayan partner with a complete range of delivery services.

Advantages of the Air Cargo Service

✔ Fast service
✔ Fast handling of cargo
✔ Less documentation
✔ Reliable departure and arrival times
✔ Better safety for your cargo
✔ Shipping to all regions

Fastest service​

Our air cargo service is among the fastest Balikbayan services currently available. Your box will arrive within 2 weeks after it is received at our LBC Hub in Milan. This is ideal for important and lightweight packages that require fast delivery.

Reliable transport

While the estimated arrival times for sea freight are very sensitive to circumstances, air freight has reliable departure and arrival times. Less documentation is also required, which significantly speeds up throughput.

Better safety​

Air transport significantly increases the safety of your cargo. Because there are fewer checks and fewer handling of your freight, this is the safest way for your freight to reach your destination without damage.

Choose this service​

This service is the best solution if you have important and light packages that need to be delivered quickly.