Vivo Bonito is our Smart Messenger. It is a box with a capacity of up to 25 kg and dimensions of approximately 55x50x38 cm (96 liters). You can use this box as a Balik Bayan box to send to the Philippines.

Optional Toko4All service:

You can combine this service with an order on our webshop This is an additional service for those who want to receive their Balik Bayan boxes with their ordered Toko4All products inside. This service saves shipping costs, and the received box is already ready to be filled. You just need to tape the box securely.

Why would you choose Vivo Bonito?

  • You have complete control over your own schedule (you can drop off the box when it suits you).
  • Easy to fill, efficient, faster, and more cost-effective.
  • Prices are all-inclusive (provided the general conditions are met).
  • Free delivery at a DPD Service Point.
  • Shipping to all regions in the Philippines.
  • We are an authorized agent of LBC.
  • You can trace your shipment.
  • Save on shipping costs per box in combination with your favorite products from Toko4All.

How does it work?

  • Place and pay for your reservation first on (Follow the instructions on the website). Choose “In combination with your Toko 4 All order” as the shipping method.
  • Go to and place our VIVOBONITO product together with your other products in your shopping cart.
  • Complete the order and use the VIVOBONITO discount code at the checkout screen. Please do not order frozen products.
  • Once your order is received, we will process it and send the Vivo Bonito box with your Toko4All order in it to your address as soon as possible.
  • If you are not always available to accept your package, you can also choose to pick it up at a collection point for more security during checkout.
  • The Vivo Bonito box has an LBC logo and is sent with your Toko4All order, along with accompanying documents (in a show map near the label) and tape inside the box. All documents must be placed in the same position and should not be visible on the box (see photo). We ensure that your address label is affixed to the box.
  • Have all Toko4All products been unpacked? Then you can check the outside of the box again and tape it extra. After that, the box is ready for use. More information on how to fill and pack the box can be found on the website but is also indicated on the box.

Make sure the box is securely sealed by applying tape evenly around the outside.
This enhances the strength of the box and makes it less vulnerable to humidity, as it regularly rains in the Philippines.

It is handy to tape the box all around when it is still empty.

Ensure that the boxes are not misshapen, do not bulge, and are not heavier than 25 kg.