Phil 4 You collecte

In October 2023, after more than 25 years, we concluded our parcel collection service.

The practice of driving around and collecting Balik Bayan boxes is now a thing of the past. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, we have decided to change our approach. We no longer find it fitting to pick up and drive around with boxes. Instead, we aim for a greener strategy.

For a considerable time, we have been offering our Vivo Bonito Service, featuring our Smart Messenger that serves a dual purpose. With this service, we aspire to contribute to reducing the environmental impact. Driving diesel vehicles has its ecological toll, and with the rising fuel prices, it is also becoming increasingly expensive.

Through the Vivo Bonito service, we want to usher in a new era and foster a closer collaboration between Phil. 4 You and Toko 4 All. With this service, you can place an order with Toko 4 All, which will be shipped in a pre-taped Vivo Bonito box. It will be delivered to your home or a pickup point. Subsequently, you can remove the Toko 4 All products and fill the box with items for the Philippines. The same box then embarks on a second journey to the Philippines. This way, we save on cardboard packaging, and it becomes easier to send a package to your family.

What are the benefits?:

  • Reduced environmental pollution, as our shipping partner conducts transport on a large scale.
  • You can send the package whenever you want, without having to wait for collections.
  • Free home delivery or delivery to a pickup point for Toko 4 All products.
  • The contents of Balik Bayan boxes are smaller but more efficient and used more frequently, as you now only send things that matter.
  • You leverage the reliable network of LBC, the largest shipping partner in the Philippines.
  • Free tape included with your box.


If you are hesitating due to the price, consider the following:

  • You benefit from a highly reliable LBC network, with a guarantee on your shipped package.
  • You receive the box free of charge at home, valued at €7.95, saving €6.95 in shipping costs when ordering on our Toko 4 All website.
  • The large boxes from the past were often only 50% filled with useful items; the rest was often filler, old clothes, etc. Now, you only send useful items, and the total cost of filling the box is also less.
  • The box often stood in the way for weeks to months. Now, you fill it and take it directly to a pickup point when it suits you.


If you still have doubts or questions about whether this is right for you, feel free to contact us.

We are convinced that the old Balik Bayan principle is no longer contemporary, and we hope you will join us in this greening initiative.

Quickly explore our Vivo Bonito service!